Lara is jumping to Android, iPhone, Netflix this month

On Valentine’s Day, CDE Entertainment releases Tomb Raider Reloaded on Netflix and mobile for iOS and Android. Embark on a rouge-like adventure – a first in the Tomb Raider series. The mobile game features Lara Croft on her perilous adventure by constantly changing floors to secure the ancient Scion artifact.

She will be aided by a rotating series of temporary level-specific boosters, as well as permanent rewards, such as stat boosts and increased XP gains. Players can also unlock customizable options and upgrades for Lara’s outfits so she can climb cliffs in style. The title also features weapon crafting, allowing players to change the way they play.

Currently available for pre-registration. Players who register their chosen mobile device will be notified when the game comes out. Pre-registering will earn players a unique gold version of Lara Croft’s twin pistols as an in-game item for free. Delve into iconic map destinations, such as the city of Vilcabamba and the Lost Valley, when Tomb Raider Reloaded launches on February 14.