Leaker says Apple is considering a price cut for the iPhone 15 Plus

Apple may have plans to drop the price of the upcoming iPhone 15 Plus after poor sales of the 14 Plus, according to a leaker with quite a track record.

As reported by Macworld and 9to5Mac, leaker ‘yeux1122’ posted on South Korean blogging platform Naver that sales of the iPhone 14 Plus fell ‘well above’ Apple’s lowest estimates. That’s why yeux1122 says that with the iPhone 15 Plus, Apple is looking at new strategies to change that trend, including “seriously” considering a price cut.

Additionally, yeux1122 noted that because Apple plans its phone releases years in advance, it’s too late to simply cancel the iPhone 15 Plus. The company pulled that move after the iPhone 12 mini and 13 mini missed sales expectations.

9 to 5 notes that this isn’t too much of a surprise, given that reviewers urged potential customers to move from the iPhone 14 Plus to the 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max. The iPhone 14 and 14 Plus offered very little over the iPhone 13, with the phones both using the A15 chip (albeit slightly updated in the 14 series) – why buy that when the iPhone 13 was available for less ?

While yeux1122 doesn’t specify how much of a price cut the iPhone 15 Plus would get compared to the iPhone 14 Plus, 9 to 5 wrote that it would have to be at least $100 USD (about $135.53 CAD) to have a significant impact.

In addition, a reduction in the price of the iPhone 15 Plus would likely mean that the base iPhone 15 would also be reduced in price. In Canada, the iPhone 14 Plus costs $150 more than the iPhone 14 — the price of the iPhone 15 would have to drop almost as much as the supposed 15 Plus cut to maintain that delta.

Of course, Apple won’t release the iPhone 15 line until September 2023, leaving plenty of time for details and plans to change. Decent track record or not, you should take yeux1122’s leak with a healthy dose of skepticism.

Source: yeux1122 (Naver) Via: Macworld, 9to5Mac