Leather iPhone 14 Pro Max case with MagSafe rating: Premium feel, perfect fit

One of the first things most people buy after buying a smartphone is a smartphone case – there are people who buy the case before they even get their hands on the phone. And while the iPhone 14 Pro series definitely has no shortage of cases, it might be worth getting an official first-party Apple case to make sure it fits perfectly, especially in the first few. weeks after the release of a device. Let’s take a look at Apple’s official leather case with MagSafe for iPhone 14 series.

iphone 14 pro max with a leather case

So I’m actually testing the case for the iPhone 14 Pro Max, but actually these cases are exactly the same for all iPhone 14 models (or even iPhone 13 models for that matter), so you can take almost everything I say in this review and apply it to the Apple official leather case of your choice. The size and dimensions will match the product you are buying for, but otherwise the quality and fit remain consistent across Apple’s range.

    Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max Leather Case with MagSafe

    The official leather case ensures the perfect fit and meets Apple quality standards.

Design, color and fit

Apple’s Leather Case with MagSafe for the iPhone 14 Series costs $59, no matter which model you choose, and comes in five colors: Umber (brown), Forest Green (green), Midnight (black), Orange (bright orange), and the color of the case I’m testing specifically, Ink (deep blue).

The leather is soft to the touch and wraps around the entire back and sides of the case (except for the buttons), which I like as there are other types of leather cases that only have leather on the back, with the sides remaining plastic. I’m not a fan of plastic on my phones (I never use the included silicone cases that come with most Chinese phones). Yes, I know I’m spoiled.

The inside of the case is covered with this material of Alcantara (Italian fabric), and although Apple doesn’t specify it, the actual skeleton of the case is most likely plastic. It’s a one-piece case, which means it just snaps onto the iPhone. The fit is snug and secure – it better be an Apple first-party product.

cam to protect camera iphone 14 pro case

There is a raised lip around the camera cutout that protects the cameras and prevents the lenses from touching the surface when the phone is lying flat on a table with the front facing up. There are plastic caps covering the buttons that provide clickable tactile feedback.

This next bit may be divisive: I like that the bumper that wraps around the phone is relatively thin, so when I look straight at the iPhone, it still retains the borderless look on the entire screen. Some of those more protective bumper cases add such thick lips around the device that it takes away the illusion of a modern phone with a thin bezel.

iphone 14 pro max with a case

Not everyone will agree with me on this, because the thicker the bumper, the more protection it gives the phone. I didn’t drop this iPhone 14 Pro Max, but I dropped the iPhone 13 Pro Max with the same official Apple leather case and the phone had no scratch. I must say I have always been very careful with my phones. If you are a frequent phone dropper, you may want a larger case that offers more protection.

The case weighs about 25 grams, which doesn’t add too much weight to the already heavy iPhone 14 Pro Max. Basically, if you’re okay with the size and weight of the Pro Max iPhones, I don’t think adding this case will push it over the acceptance threshold for you.

One of the reasons I love leather cases is that leather as a material has more character than other materials. Leather patinas over time, which means that with daily use and exposed to the real world, leather develops subtle stains and color shifts that add an organic feel to the case. I haven’t used this particular case and color long enough to comment on the patina, but I’ve used black colored official leather cases with the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 series, and they’ve only had a few over the years. had a subtle color shift, while the wear on it (which fans of leather appreciate) was a bit more noticeable.

One more thing to note: I’ve been thinking that the Pro Max iPhones have been uncomfortable to hold since Apple switched to the flat design, starting with the iPhone 12 series (I didn’t have this problem with the iPhone 11 Pro). Max), and this leather case really improves the comfort factor for me as the leather finish softens the sharp points of the phone.


As the name advertises, this case supports MagSafe, the name for Apple’s magnetic accessory ecosystem. There are magnets in the case that allow the MagSafe charger (or other MagSafe accessories) to snap onto the back with precision every time. The magnetic force seems as strong as a naked iPhone.

This is last year’s iPhone 13 Mini with Apple’s official leather case pictured, but you get the idea: these cases work great with all MagSafe accessories.

Should You Buy iPhone 14 Pro Leather Case with MagSafe?

If you want a premium leather case for your new iPhone and like the price of $59, you should definitely buy this. The case works as advertised, improves hand feel and grip and provides ample protection for many.

If you want a premium leather case for your new iPhone, buy this one

However, the iPhone case market is huge and there is no shortage of other leather cases to choose from. A search on Amazon returns dozens and dozens of results just for leather iPhone 14 Pro cases, and most are cheaper than Apple’s asking price. But judging by product photos, a lot of these don’t look that premium, and a lot of them have those plastic-like bumper sides that I don’t like.

    Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max Leather Case with MagSafe

    The official leather case for iPhone 14 Pro Max offers MagSafe support and a perfect fit.