Leaving Android for the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

A little backstory.

After the iPhone 6 plus I switched to Android. Since then I buy Galaxy Notes year after year. No new Galaxy Note this year, so I had to get the S22 Ultra. Bought that at launch earlier this year. About a month ago, the fingerprint coating started to wear off in a certain spot on the screen. The delay with intensive use of the camera also irritated me enormously. And it got hot easily with camera use. I use my camera daily as I sell on ebay full time.

Last month I opened a ticket with samsung repair, after about a week they sent it back and did nothing with it. Didn’t even replace the screen. Called and got another ticket opened for a repair. Again, I got an email that the phone will be returned without repair. I was quite angry at this point. So I called and they said it will not be returned but it will be transferred to another department and I will have a replacement sent to me. A week goes by and I call again and now I am told by a rep that I need to get a refund. First I hear about a refund. I honestly think they lost my device. So they pay me 1400. cool. I traded in my Note 20 ultra to get the S22 Ultra and got $1000 trade credit instantly. So getting $1400 back, I’m not going to argue about that.

This led me to think about which device to buy. I don’t want to buy the S22 Ultra anymore because I just wasn’t happy with it. Felt rushed. Felt meh because it was Samsung’s big flagship. I didn’t want a fold 4 because I don’t want to put the phone in a white glove for fear of getting a speck of dust on that soft inner screen and scratching it.

What if I go back to an iPhone!? I used to have them. I still use apple products. Have an old Macbook Pro and an old iMAC. So I am definitely not against apple. Have no idea what hardware version they are using or anything. So I watch and perfect timing. The iPhone 14 is about to be launched. And the Pro Max seems to fit well.

Must-haves…. 120hz screen. I can’t go back after 120hz. I just can not. The pro seems to have that now. I need a camera that just works and a must is 1×1 aspect ratio for my ebay photos. I think the iPhone is capable of that. I’ll just have to get used to getting back into the iOS groove. Looks like they added a lot of other stuff too like multitasking, notifications, etc.

One thing I’m not sure about is how do I migrate all my text messages from my Android device to the new iPhone. Can this be done via setup or do I have to do it software?

Another question is my call logs. I like transferring all my call logs. Can this also be done during setup or does it have to be done afterwards with an app?

I’m going to miss my s-pen very, very much. I’m also going to miss my Samsung Notes app, but I’ll just have to get used to Apple Notes I guess.

I’m worried about the screen. I am used to the Samsung screens which are fantastic and very very bright. But hope the Apple display will be good.

Still a little excited to make the jump. Feels like a fresh start. If anyone has a must-have application, please throw recommendations my way. Always like to tinker with things.

Oh! Any tips for a good case and screen protector? Any other accessories?