Moment CineClear Snap-on Filter for iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max

Moment, manufacturer of camera and smartphone accessories, just announced the latest additions to their CineClear range, of the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max.

The new CineClear UV filter is designed for use with the Moment Case for iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max and snaps into place in seconds. This filter helps ensure that your iPhone lens prevents damage and makes it quick and easy to clean without having to remove the device from the protective case.

To ensure maximum optical quality, the lens is made of Schott B270 glass with a transmission rate of 98.5% and features 16 layers of optical coating. In addition, these layers are resistant to dust, fingerprints and reflections. The quality of the CineClear filter means that it does not affect the quality of the iPhone 14’s camera and retains the full functionality of the camera.

A quick way to add protection to your iPhone’s built-in lenses.

While the iPhone 14 Pro’s camera is great, the precious lenses remain exposed to the elements and inside your pocket. The lens can easily become dirty, scratched or accidentally damaged. The Moment Snap-on Filter System aims to help you improve your photography, as well as ensure that your camera lenses remain protected and in the best possible condition.

Filters that maintain light transmission

While keeping your lens in top condition is paramount, putting something out of the precision-made optics will have an effect. In the case of Snap-on filters, the company has chosen premium Schott B270 glass for its high transmission rate of 98.5%, aided by its advanced 16 layers of optical coating.

Snapping the iPhone 14 Pro filters into place

Moment’s filter system is central to use and the Snap-on name reflects the simple Snap-on nature and operation of the filters. To attach a filter, just place it on the front and you’re good to go.

For more information about the CineClear UV Snap-on filter, please visit the Moment website