My wife regrets going to the iPhone; want to go back to Samsung

Here I was, minding my own business, joking and watching Samsung talk about the camera for 30 minutes. Then my wife came over and said, “that camera sounds great.” Normally this wouldn’t be a problem, but she upgraded to the iPhone 14 Pro Max a few months ago.

This was her first foray away from the Samsung ecosystem, having previously used Samsung phones for years, and her Galaxy S22 Ultra now sits quietly in a drawer. But all she needed to do was hear Ridley Scott and the various presenters talk about how the Galaxy S23 Ultra “pushes the boundaries of technology” to lure her back to the dark side.

S23 Ultra Camera at Galaxy Unpacked February 2023

(Image credit: Samsung)

As someone who uses an iPhone on a daily basis, and has for years, I felt like I had finally reached the point of no turning back, especially now that she knew about my story when it comes to handling eSIM . No. All she heard was “200MP camera” and “Astro Nightography” to unravel it all.