New smart home standard for Android and Google devices has arrived

BERLIN: Google has now integrated Matter, a new standard for smart home platforms, apps and devices, into many of its Nest devices, from smart speakers to smart displays and routers.

Android smartphones and tablets are now also suitable for Matter, as long as they run at least Android 8.1 and have Play Services version 22.48.14 or higher.

Matter-enabled smart sockets, switches, door locks, sensors and lights can be set up and controlled using the Google Home app.

They also work with iPhones and iPads, as Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS, has supported Matter since version 16.1. Matter-enabled devices appear under settings and can be controlled in the Apple Home app.

Apple and Google are co-initiators of the Matter standard. Amazon, Samsung, LG, Signify and more than 280 other companies are also involved in the Connectivity Standards Alliance, the organization that developed the standard.

Matter’s goal is to end the notorious fragmentation and complexity of the smart home sector by making devices and platforms compatible with each other. Until now, consumers have generally had to commit to one smart home provider and its components.

However, thanks to the new standard, devices from different manufacturers can be freely combined in the future. That assumes updates are available for the smart devices.

In some cases, the new standard will only be supported by the next generation of devices. And depending on the manufacturer and device, Matter support may initially only be available for one operating system.

So some patience is needed until more Matter devices come to the market. – dpa