Nokia Mobile confirms Android 13 compatibility for Nokia XR20, G50, G11 Plus, X20 and X10 smartphones

Nokia Mobile recently completed the rollout of Android 12 to all eligible smartphones. With this, the users are now looking forward to getting the Android 13 update on their devices. Now, in a positive development, Nokia Mobile has officially confirmed Android 13 compatibility for five of its smartphones: Nokia XR20 5G, Nokia G50 5G, Nokia G11 Plus, Nokia X20 5G and Nokia X10 5G.

In the list of Android Enterprise recommended devices by Google, five Nokia smartphones have Android 13 as one of the AER (Android Enterprise Recommended) validated OS versions. Check out the screenshot of the Nokia X10 listing in Google’s AER directory.

Nokia XR20 5G, Nokia G50 5G, Nokia G11 Plus, Nokia X20 5G and Nokia X10 5G have Android 13 in the list of validated operating systems. This is a bit surprising considering the latest smartphones like Nokia X30 5G, Nokia G60 5G are in the Android Enterprise recommended list but without Android 13 as one of the validated OS versions. This means that Nokia Mobile has so far only confirmed Android 13 update compatibility with the aforementioned five smartphones to Google.

One thing we should keep in mind is that the list above is for Enterprise customers only. For consumers, the Nokia X20 5G is the only smartphone officially enrolled in Android 13 Beta testing. But this also raises hopes for a faster rollout of Android 13 to these five Nokia smartphones, as Nokia Mobile has already validated Android 12 on them.

Thanks Qiutiandongtian for the tip. Cheers!!