Only one iPhone 15 & 16 model gets a periscope camera

A well-known Apple tipster/analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, revealed some additional information on Apple’s upcoming iPhones. He said earlier that Apple plans to use a periscope camera on the iPhone 15 Ultra aka Pro Max, but he didn’t add a bit more info to the table.

Only one iPhone 15 and iPhone 16 model will include a periscope camera

He claims that only one iPhone 15 and 16 model will include a periscope camera. Needless to say, this is the most advanced model, the iPhone 15 Ultra and iPhone 16 Ultra. Keep in mind these could also be called “Pro Max” instead of “Ultra”, we’re still not sure.

This further proves that Apple will differentiate between its top models in the future. Until now, the two “Pro” models have been essentially identical except for size, i.e. battery capacity and screen size.

Come on, that will change. The periscope camera will be a differentiator, and it may not be the only one, judging by the rumours. Ming-Chi Kuo is usually perfect, so chances are this is true.

This will be Apple’s first foray into periscope camera territory

This will be Apple’s first foray into periscope camera territory. A number of companies have dabbled in the technology so far, but not Apple. Samsung, Huawei, and Vivo are probably the best examples of companies using that technology.

As a reminder, all iPhone 15 models have a Type-C USB port. In addition, it is claimed that the ‘Pro’ and ‘Ultra’ models will feature solid-state buttons rather than physical ones.

The entire iPhone 15 series may therefore omit the design with flat sides, Apple may decide to take a different path. You can also expect all iPhone 15 models to include a Dynamic Island as Apple tries to figure out how to put its face-scanning technology under the display in future models.

The iPhone 15 series will most likely be launched in September.