People are just realizing an amazing iPhone “calling secret” that you never noticed

FOR A LONG TIME iPhone owners will have received hundreds or even thousands of calls, but there is still plenty to learn.

If you’ve ever wondered why all phone calls don’t look the same on your iPhone, you’re not alone.

Have you ever noticed that your iPhone has two different call screens?


Have you ever noticed that your iPhone has two different call screens?Credit: Apple/TikTok/@makhirtech

It is not immediately clear why there are two different call screens on the iPhone.

One appears with the iconic slide-to-unlock feature that Apple has used for years.

But sometimes a phone call pops up with an Accept and Decline button instead.

Thankfully, the myth has been dispelled in a viral video from TikTok techie @makhirtech, which has garnered more than 12,000 likes.

In fact, you only get the option to accept or decline if your iPhone is unlocked.

This will appear either on the lock screen (when you’re unlocked), or as a pop-up notification at the top of the screen.

The slide to answer appears specifically when your iPhone is locked.

However, iPhone masterminds will know that it is still possible to reject a call even when Slide To Unlock appears.

Just tap the power button once to prevent iPhone from ringing anymore.

And if you double-click the iPhone power button, the call will be rejected.

It is not exactly clear why there are two different call screens.

One popular theory is that having slide-to-unlock prevents you from accidentally tapping a button while an iPhone is locked and in your pocket.

Secret iPhone Codes

If you really want to master your iPhone phone call app, you need to learn all the hidden codes.

You can access many useful iPhone features by typing a few secret codes into your phone’s keypad.

Here are some of the best:

  • *#06# – IMEI number
  • *3001#12345#* – signal info
  • *61* – forward incoming call (add the number you want the calls forwarded to then add hash)
  • *67 (or #31# outside the US) – hide Caller ID
  • *646# – minutes left on contract
  • *33* then PIN then hash – prevent outgoing calls
  • *43# – enable call waiting
  • #43# – disable call waiting
Millions of iPhone and Android owners are clamoring to check the life-saving feature now
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Some of these codes may not work depending on your carrier.

But give them a try and see if you get lucky.

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