Pininfarina Limited Edition iPhone Cases Drop

Pininfarina and luxury brand INKAR have announced an upcoming collaboration for exclusive limited edition phone cases for the iPhone 13 Pro and 14 Pro.

Sharing a mutual visionary approach to art, design and technology, the collaboration is the result of Pininfarina’s passion for innovation and INKAR’s ambition to unite fine materials and exceptional talent with the latest technologies.

Inspired by Pininfarina’s award-winning concept car, Ferrari Modulo, the iPhone cases are presented in a sleek yet timeless design that perfectly captures Pininfarina’s artistic values. Pininfarina’s lead designer, Paolo Lugaro, explains that “the most difficult part of this project was embodying all of Pininfarina’s values ​​- purity, elegance, innovation and refinement – as well as our “one-to-one” studio legacy – through various customization options – in such a small product, there was absolutely no room for error and we did a great job together.”

Comes in a limited batch of 99 pieces per model, each piece is fully customizable and comes with an engraved serial number. It offers five colorways, two types of leather for the lens, along with ten types of plates ranging from leather, natural wood, carbon fiber to aluminum, from which customers can choose and customize their cases. The cases are made from carefully selected and high quality materials and also use deadstock leather from Pininfarina’s cars as a sustainable measure. From the limited batch, there are five exclusive redline silver cases with hand-drawn details by Italian artisans.

The collection will be available online from December 1 on INKAR’s official website. For every case sold, an NFT will be issued as a certification, which will also serve as an exclusive membership for upcoming INKAR releases and collaborations.

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