Quickly reverse the colors of an iPhone with the side button

Inverting the colors on your iPhone can be a great tool for accessibility. The process is also simple. Just follow our guide.

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Considering inverting the colors on your iPhone? It can be a useful feature, especially for people with color blindness or those who find phone screens difficult to read. The process of inverting your iPhone’s display colors is simple and can be done in no time. Here’s a step-by-step guide for you to follow, plus how to use the side button to enable or disable inverted colors.


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How do you invert the colors on an iPhone?

To invert the colors on your iPhone, you’ll need to access the “Display & Text Size” section of the “Accessibility” menu in the Settings app. There you will find two options: Smart Invert and Classic Invert. Smart Invert only inverts the colors of open apps, while Classic Invert inverts all colors on your screen, including photos and videos.

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Remark: If you want to be able to quickly invert colors using your iPhone’s side button, we’ll cover that in the “Pro Tip” section below.

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone and go to Accessibility.
  2. Select ‘Display and text size’.
  3. Scroll down to ‘Smart Invert’ and ‘Classic Invert’.
    • “Smart Invert” only inverts the colors in the app you are currently using.
    • “Classic Invert” inverts all colors on your iPhone, including photos and videos.
  4. Choose either option and the colors on your iPhone will be instantly reversed.

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Pro Tip: Set up an accessibility shortcut to invert colors using the side button

To quickly enable or disable inverted colors on your iPhone, you can set up an Accessibility Shortcut. To do this, go to the Accessibility section of the Settings app and choose “Accessibility Shortcut,” then “Smart Invert” or “Classic Invert.” Once done, triple-click the power button on the side of your iPhone to toggle the inverted colors. It’s that simple!

Why would you want to invert the colors of an iPhone?

Inverting the display colors on your iPhone can be a useful tool for those who struggle with bright screens or color blindness, as it creates more contrast and a more readable screen for some. It is important to note that while inverted colors can be a useful feature, they are not for everyone and it can take some time to get used to inverted colours. However, if you find inverted colors helpful or think they improve your overall viewing experience on an iPhone, it’s definitely worth enabling. You can also invert colors on iPad, iPad Pro, and iPad Touch.

Which iPhone models support inverted colors?

To invert display colors on your iOS device, you need an iPhone 5s or later with iOS 11 or later. If you have a compatible iPhone model, there’s no harm in giving it a try.