RealityScan 3D scanning app explained: Create 3D models with iPhone/iPad

RealityScan is a free-to-use app that can convert an ordinary photo into a 3D model from Epic Games and Quixel. The app is currently in a limited beta testing phase, allowing users to create 3D models using either an iPhone or an iPad.

Please note that EpicGames is no longer accepting new beta testers. According to the official website, RealityScan allows users to create realistic 3D models using photogrammetry software, which can be uploaded to platforms such as Sketchfab, a well-known 3D modeling platform that allows users to share and sell these models.

Create 3D models using the RealityScan app

After signing up for the beta test, you can install the RealityScan 3D app on an iPhone or iPad. You can download it from the Apple Testflight app, open the RealityScan app and scan the subject by following the on-screen instructions.

Once you’re done scanning, the app will do all the magic to convert the subject into a 3D model. As of now, RealityScan availability is limited to 10,000 users, which is currently full and no longer accepting new beta testers.

EpicGames has said the app will soon be available to everyone as part of early access. Again, initially availability will be limited to Apple devices, and the same will be made available for Android smartphones and tablets in the coming months.