RT-RK integrates mARTini Android container solution on Telechips Dolphin 3

Seoul, South Korea and NOVI SAD, Serbia, January 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — RT-RK, a leading embedded software development company, and Telechips, a world-class SoC provider for the automotive industry, announce the integration of RT-RK’s containerized Android solution on Telechips’ Dolphin 3 SoC.

In the second half of 2022, RT-RK and Telechips have invested in collaboration to jointly deliver state-of-the-art solutions for IVI. Driven by the Android Automotive adoption trend by major OEMs around the world, the main focus of the partnership between RT-RK and Telechips is on enabling Android Automotive for various market requirements. As announced today, RT-RK’s mARTini product, currently the most advanced solution for supporting Android apps within Linux-based IVI systems, is fully integrated and tested on Telechips’ Dolphin 3 SoC, targeting an Yocto based IVI solution.

Containerization has several advantages over the currently common hypervisor approach supporting both Linux and Android

  1. Android UI is invisible (no impact on OEM brand identity)
  2. Dynamic and optimized memory allocation (leads BOM optimization)
  3. Excluding hypervisor licensing fees (cost savings)

The demand for containerized Android Automotive solutions is increasing and remains one of the fundamental approaches for OEMs to maintain full control of the IVI software while benefiting from the Android Automotive trend. We are strongly focused on our goal of filling the gap for a commercial containerized Android solution that scales for the OEM, achieving cost-efficiency, a secure roadmap, and a support structure. Collaboration with a world-class SoC provider such as Telechips is essential to achieve this goal,” said Nikola TeslicCEO at RT-RK.

One of the key values ​​Telechips can bring to the market is to make it easier to accelerate time-to-market by proactively assessing and preparing for various market requirements in advance, ultimately reducing lead times to meet customer demands. to satisfy the customer are shortened. Through this partnership, RT-RK and Telechips are highly regarded for realizing value for faster time-to-market by responding to the container solution requirements that both companies can provide to the customer. Moreover, through future collaboration, it is expected to create more synergy by increasing the understanding of each solution/SoC between the two companies,said Dennis BongGee Song, head of the R&D center (CTO) at Telechips.

About RT-RK

RT-RK is a premium embedded software development company in the Southeastern Europe, with a focus on consumer electronics and infotainment systems. The company was founded in 1991 and currently employs more than 500 engineers. RT-RK has a background as a nearshore development center of silicon suppliers, network, automotive and consumer electronics companies. RT-RK operates under the umbrella of TTTech Group. https://www.rt-rk.com/