Samsung asks when Apple’s foldable iPhones are coming, gets little fanfare

We must keep in mind that the company has its own problems to solve

Apple had its annual iPhone announcement this week, so it’s only fitting that Samsung gets its own pre-buttal and rebuttal. The pre-buttal was the launch of the Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Fold 4 foldable phones that received critical acclaim. The rebuttal? Well, that part is not so classy.

Actually, Samsung was pretty greedy with its counter-message capabilities this week when it released this short film on the day of Apple’s event:


If you can find someone who professes their love for their iPhone so convincingly, maybe tell them to sign up for Central Casting.

As for social media, Samsung continued its assault on the iPhone on Friday with a campaign of tweets bragging about how long the brand has had foldable smartphones and a 108MP smartphone camera.

At least one of these tweets was flipped for use as a Twitter ad.

The public response has been quick and hard on the company with mentions of Oppo releasing a superior product and the fact that people just don’t care about brand wars. Most damning are the dunks that recall when Samsung removed its ads reprimanding Apple for removing the headphone jack from its iPhones afterward,

eventually deprecated the port on later devices.

Samsung may have an indomitable lead in the foldable smartphone market right now, but the fact is, foldable devices aren’t bringing upgrades globally. In fact, the demand for smartphones is currently declining.

If Samsung found a way to produce enough of these clamshells and price them for just hundreds of dollars, we might see a paradigm shift. Until then, let’s see how Apple fares in the US market – spectacularly.