Samsung beats Google at Android updates? One UI 6 could be released sooner

Samsung promises to improve the rollout speed of updates in the coming years with future versions. Knows everything.

Samsung wants to beat Google with Android update releases! This year, Samsung has done a great job releasing the latest One UI update for all of its latest Galaxy smartphones. In November, most of Samsung’s high-end Galaxy smartphones and some mid-range Galaxy A-series phones are already getting the One UI 5 update with Android 13 underneath. However, Samsung wants to improve it with future Android updates for its Galaxy devices.

In a blog post in Korea, Samsung says it has pushed hard enough to get the One UI 5 update to as many devices as possible. But that is not everything! Samsung says it is trying to speed up the rollout of future versions of One UI updates for its Galaxy devices. At the same time, Samsung will also release the update on more devices at the same time.

Samsung to beat Google at updates?

Therefore, when Google releases Android 14 next year, we can expect Samsung to prepare One UI 6 earlier than the One UI 5 preparation dates. Google usually releases the latest Android in August every year and Samsung would like to push the stable release date for its version of One UI closer.

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“Compared to the previous update, this update has drastically shortened the time interval from One UI deployment to application and expanded the scope of application. It reflects the goal of bringing the latest mobile experience to as many Galaxy users around the world as quickly as possible,” said the Samsung blog.

Samsung has also announced plans to update the Galaxy S20 series and Galaxy Z Fold 2 to the latest version of Android before the end of the year. By comparison, several of Samsung’s rival brands have yet to update their flagship phones to the latest version of Android. Xiaomi has not yet announced any plans for the Android 13 update, while Oppo, Vivo and Realme are only releasing beta versions of their Android 13 update on selected devices. Nothing also clarified the release of a beta version of Android 13 before the end of 2022 and the stable version will appear in early 2023.