Samsung executive teases two Ultra products coming to February’s Unpacked event

Samsung logo Galaxy S20 4


  • The head of MX Business at Samsung posted a blog teasing some of the products coming to Samsung Unpacked.
  • The blog specifically mentions two premium devices.
  • Samsung’s Unpacked event is scheduled for February 1.

We’re only about two weeks away from Samsung’s Unpacked event. As we get closer to the big date, a Samsung executive teased us a bit about what to expect from the show, including two premium devices.

Today, the head of MX Business at Samsung, Dr. TM Roh, posted a blog post on the company’s press site. The post mainly focuses on mobile innovation, what the Ultra brand means within the Galaxy portfolio, and other things you’d expect to see in such a blog leading up to the company’s big event.

But in between all the business talk in the blog, Roh sneaks in an interesting tidbit. Towards the end of the blog, Roh mentions that Samsung will be showing off two premium devices.

What are these two devices he is talking about? Unfortunately, we won’t know for sure until the event happens, but we can speculate.

In the blog, he talks about how they’ve merged the Note experience with the Ultra since the S20. It was already expected that the Galaxy S23 series would be announced during the show. One of the devices is therefore probably the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

A little further on, Roh talks about the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra. There is a chance that the second device is a brand new Galaxy tablet.

Do you think Roh teased the Galaxy S23 Ultra and the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra? Or do you think he was teasing something else? Let us know in the comments below.