Samsung Galaxy A23 5G vs. A22 5G: Which one should you buy?

The Galaxy A series extends into the entry-level and budget categories and Samsung is doing a lot of interesting things in this area. For starters, the budget portfolio of the brand offers 5G, lowering the barrier to entry for the latest connectivity standard. The Galaxy A23 and A22 deliver excellent battery life and have a decent amount of features, so if you’re looking for a new 5G phone for under $300, here’s what you need to know.

Samsung Galaxy A23 5G vs A22 5G: What’s the Same?

Samsung Galaxy A23 5G vs A22 5G

(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung has changed a lot of features between generations, but the Galaxy A23 5G and A22 5G share a few basics. For starters, both devices have the same 5000mAh battery and can easily last more than a day even with heavy use. More often than not, you’ll get two days of use from both devices on a full charge.

The basics are largely unchanged, with both phones offering excellent battery life and 5G connectivity.