Samsung Galaxy M04 is on its way to India, price leaks


There is a huge market for budget phones with two cameras. Even 8MP sensors (ultrawide and main), if they’re great, could easily cut it.
And you shouldn’t be working on anything but plastic for the body, as the cost savings could help budget for other components.


Another day! another junk phone from Samsung?.


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potato4k, 15 hours agoIs launching a phone with Android 12 a bad thing? Show me entry-level Chinese phones that w… moreAndroid 13 will slow down the M04 and Android 14 will make it almost too laggy to use. Speaking from experience using A03s with Android 12 and using the same chipset P35/G35.


People complain a little too much these days, we can’t have everything perfect, there are always downsides, choose wisely


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Samsung should stop making mediocre phones like this with Mediatek Helio, and start producing more rugged phones with Snapdragon, Exynos.
It is also high time that Samsung only makes high-end 5G series phones: M24, M34, M44, F24, F34, F44, etc. Which would be real upgrades than all the phones released in the past year


Is launching a phone with Android 12 a bad thing? Show me Chinese entry-level phones launching with Android 13. Xiaomi 12T Pro, a flagship, Android 12. Vivo X Fold+, flagship, Android 12. Moto Edge 30 Ultra, flagship, Android 12.

This M04 is an entry-level model. Android 12 is good enough and gets 2 years of OS upgrades, while most entry-level Chinese phones don’t even get a single upgrade.


YoloBS, December 3, 2022I think this is an “android go” phone. Android Go phones are absolutely fine. not everyone lives in their “smart” phone


As 5G will become mainstream in the coming years, technology companies should consider using/making 5G chips for budget smartphones.


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I thought about buying it because I was expecting Android 13

I think this is an “android go” phone.


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G35, like the A03 or the G70 or T612 should have used a T606


M3 was so great and hit the spot. M4 sounds like a downgrade lol


G35… Well, that’s getting really slow after the Android 13 update