Save and share Apple Watch Faces with friends

Apple Watch users spend a lot of time creating watch faces that suit their needs and style, and they can share these creations with friends.

Apple Watch users can save their watch faces to their iPhone or share the creations with just a few taps, allowing people to compare styles and workflows. The operating system that powers Apple Watches, watchOS, isn’t as accommodating to third-party watch faces. However, there are still many first-party options that can be customized by the end user. People can choose a style, color and set of complications that perfectly suit their workflow. And after they find the Apple Watch watch face that fits their personality, fashion sense, or use cases, they can share the custom watch face with friends.


Watch faces can be configured directly on an Apple Watch or in the Apple Watch app on a paired iPhone. The extra screen real estate usually makes it easier to design a new watch face in the iPhone app. Regardless of how a user typically customizes their watch faces, sharing methods are available on every device. After opening the Apple Watch app on iPhone, tap the watch face shared in the ‘my faces’ list. Then tap the ‘Part’ icon to share the watch face with friends or save it to the device.

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All the ways you can share a watch face

watchOS 9's Nike watch faces.

By default, sharing an Apple Watch face will also share the complications added to it. Users can change which complications are shared with friends by clicking the ‘Options’ button below the name of the watch face. With the section map open, tap the ‘Options’ to see a list of the complications that will be shared. There are two possibilities for each complication: ‘record without data’ or ‘do not pick up.’ The default option is ‘record without data,” which shares the generic complication of the chosen app, but does not reveal any personal information. Tap the ‘do not pick up’ option to share only the watch face and color scheme.

After a user is done viewing the watch face complications, tap “Done’ Get on. To finish sharing the watch face, select the application that will be used to send the message and follow the on-screen instructions. Apple Watch faces can be shared via AirDrop, iMessage, Mail, and through some third-party applications. Watch faces can also be saved to a device or an iCloud account by clicking theSave to Files’ option.

You can share directly from an Apple Watch by holding the watch face and clicking the ‘Part’ icon. Then tap the ‘Messages’ or ‘Mail’ options and follow the onscreen instructions to finish sharing the watch face. After the Apple Watch watch face is sent, recipients can tap the shared link to view the watch face and add it to their ‘my faces’ collection. To show off to others with a brilliant or creative dial, Apple Watch users can take advantage of the intuitive feature built right into iOS and watchOS.

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