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Apple just published a new video on its YouTube support channel, explaining how to use a multi-touch gesture on your iPhone or iPad to grab multiple images and then add them to another app.

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iOS includes a handful of basic gestures that let you interact with your iPhone or iPad by tapping, touching and holding, swiping, scrolling, and zooming.

For example, you can touch and hold items in an app or Control Center to preview content and perform quick actions. On the home screen or in the app library, you can briefly touch an app icon to open a quick action menu.

Similarly, you can move one finger across the screen without lifting to scroll. For example, in Photos, you can drag a list up or down to see more. Swipe to scroll quickly and touch the screen to stop scrolling.

With multi-touch gestures you can do even more. Watch the following video to learn how to use multi-touch to select multiple images to add to another app on your iPhone or iPad.

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