The Best Podcast App Alternatives for Android

If you like simple apps with a clean interface, Podbean is a good option worth considering. It is also one of the top-rated podcast apps in the Google Play Store and is regularly updated with new features and improvements. Podbean is armed with a fairly reliable algorithm that bases its recommendations on the podcast names, genres, and authors you search for, as well as the episodes you play and listen to. Offline listening is also possible by downloading songs and creating personalized playlists of your favorite show episodes.

Podbean’s playback settings are packed with useful features, including the “intelligent speed” feature that intuitively removes silence holes from a podcast episode in a seamless manner. It also has a volume booster, a sleep timer and an auto-play feature that makes continuous listening a hassle-free experience. And if your love of podcasts encourages you to make your own, you can easily record your own episodes in the app and apply effects, add music, and edit your audio clips with ease.