The brand new action roguelike game is now available on Android and iOS

Unhappy Raccoona brand new 3D action Roguelike game is now available for android and iOS devices. This game allows players to explore an infinite universe. The randomness of the experience on offer, the complexity of the systems, and the refreshing feel that comes from that mix make roguelike games incredibly popular with players.

Unhappy Raccoon supports 10 languages ​​including English, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, Thai, Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.

Unhappy Raccoon allows players to choose from a range of fluffy heroes

Inheriting all the beloved traits of the roguelike genre, Unhappy Raccoon lets players choose from a group of furry heroes with a wide variety of playstyles and abilities as they explore the boundless realm that the Raccoon God has created.

Image via XD Inc.

Explore the Nebula’s randomly generated levels, each filled with a variety of activities and obstacles for a distinctive playing experience. Your compatibility with any cute raccoon companion will depend on the decisions you make along the way as you traverse the universe.

Players will also have a variety of skills available, which they can mix and match based on their preferences. With the help of even more adorable raccoons, you can explore the cosmos and players can create an infinite number of conflict scenarios to support them.

Explore the universe, assemble a crew and build a spacecraft on each mysterious new planet. Don’t worry about the risk. After all, the raccoon god only has a little fun here. Unhappy Raccoon, made by XD.Inc is a roguelike action combat game. Build, train and make sure no enemies can stand in your way for more than three seconds on this planet created by the Raccoon God!

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