The Google Pixel 8 rumor suggests a major camera sensor upgrade

What you need to know

  • Google may introduce a new kind of sensor in the successor to the Pixel 7 series.
  • The Pixel 8 series is rumored to have staggered HDR support, leading to less ghosting in photos.
  • This suggests that Google’s upcoming flagship phone range may feature Samsung’s Isocell GN2 sensor, which offers spread HDR.

Google’s existing method of shooting HDR with Pixel phones requires a series of short exposures, which can lead to longer processing times and potentially blurry photos. The next Pixel series can remedy this shortcoming.

According to leaker and developer Kuba Wojciechowski (opens in new tab)does the Google Pixel 8 possibly include support for staggered HDR (via Android Authority (opens in new tab)). It’s a relatively new type of sensor that debuted last year with Samsung’s ISOCELL GN2 and promises rich details and vibrant colours.