There Are Over 700 False Crash Detection Alarms From iPhone 14 Owners In Just 3 Months And More To Come


On paper, the iPhone 14 series crash detection feature is a good one that can alert nearby authorities if you happened to be in an accident. However, there is a lot of news about false alarms being set off, particularly those going on roller coasters, ice skating, and other high-speed activities.

Apple responded to this issue before last year as its spokesperson said “there is no magic bullet” for Crash Detection due to its complicated software and algorithm calculation. FYI, the feature uses combinations of the barometer, GPS acceleration, and microphone to detect in real time if a user is involved in a car accident. If there is no response within 10 seconds, the system will notify the emergency contacts.

As many authorities have received many false alarms in recent months, Apple’s spokesperson recently told the media that the company is actively collecting relevant feedback from emergency response centers to curb the problem. The spokesperson also declined to comment further on the Crash Detection feature or more information about the issue.

For reference, there will be more than 700 false alarms in Minnesota, USA in 2022 alone. Sheriff Pat Eliasen provided the information to the media and said that due to the high number of false alarms, the hotline has wasted a lot of manpower and material resources. iPhone 14 series owners were advised to disable Crash Detection for high-speed sports and activities.