Top 7 Best Apps to Download and Watch Free Movies on Android

Today, there are several video streaming services around the world. Each has its own peculiarities, with exclusive movies and shows. If Netflix has Stranger Things, Prime Video has the Rings of Power, and HBO Max has House of Dragon and The Last of Us. While most of these services are cheap, they easily get expensive if you have to sign them all. For some users trying to save money or just can’t afford to spend, signing up with these services isn’t an option. So the big question is, will it be possible to download and watch movies for free in 2023? Yes, there are many services and applications that give you this option. More importantly, these apps are completely legal! So you will not be involved in piracy. We give you a good list of the Top 7 best apps!

Is it possible to watch and download movies for free?

We have a list of the 7 best apps you can download for free and watch movies on Android in 2023 (via). With these top 7 best apps you will save a lot of time searching for working websites or apps to watch movies. Also, you are free from possible scams on the internet.


Paid streaming services are getting more expensive every year. After all, we live in the midst of an impending economic crisis. The current streaming giants will probably have to increase their subscriptions in the coming months. They also fight against certain practices, such as password sharing. For example, Netflix is ​​about to end its password sharing feature and will have a way to monetize users who still do. So it is better to find some alternatives in case you need to drop your paid subscriptions in the near future.

Obviously, there will be ads for some of these apps. After all, they still need money to keep the servers running.

The top 7 best apps to download movies for free on Android

Popcorn Flix

Popcornflix Top 7 Best Apps

The first app on the list is Popcornflix. Don’t worry, this is a 100% legal application. The streaming app currently offers 700 movies in HD quality. It is well streamlined with movies separated by genres and different sections. The app also allows you to watch movies without any kind of restriction. The app is currently available on the Google Play Store and you can download it from this link.



With Tubi, you can watch videos for hours without any limitations. The app is available for free and can also be downloaded from Google PlayStore. The app is also updated very often with new movies and TV shows. The most interesting part of the app is the “Not on Netflix” section. Yes, Tubi is not only available for free, but also mocks Netflix. It has a huge collection of movies and shows that you will never find on Netflix. The app also allows you to stream on devices like Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Apple TV and etc. You can set up a personal queue of movies you want to watch.



Gizchina News of the week

This app is different from the other two above. It uses the US-based satellite television channel Lifetime. If you provide your credentials or your channel operator ID, you can enjoy the app for a lifetime. It is a cool app because it allows you to watch anime. Yes, the app comes with various anime collections, so it’s the perfect one if you’re an Otaku.



This is a cool movie downloader that allows you to stream on 2 devices for free. Of course, the app comes with ads as it requires money. According to the developers, the app is always free for streaming movies! It supports HD and Full HD content and comes with an extensive catalog of movies and shows. It also supports Chromecast, which allows you to stream content to your TV.

Tea TV

Top 7 best apps

The TeaTV is a classic in the Top 7 best apps for downloading movies in 2023. The app is quite old and that means it is quite established. If it managed to survive in the midst of the rise of competition, it will not disappear so easily. The app lets you stream movies and TV shows for free. The app has received several upgrades over the years. Now it is much more optimized and streamlined. The app also lets you build a wishlist of movies you want to watch later. The app also allows you to change the font, color and size of the movie subtitles displayed.


Top 7 best apps

This app is interesting because it is an option for anime fans. If you are a fan of anime then the app is for you. You need to create a MyAnimeList and in some cases you will be redirected to YouTube. If you are an anime fan, this is probably one of the best options. Thus, it deserves a place in our Top 7 best apps for downloading movies on Android.

Vudu – one of the most notable in this Top 7

Fandango’s Vudu lets you stream movies, TV shows, and even rent movies! This app has something that makes it stand out from the others. This makes it possible to watch movies and series in 4K UHD quality. Plus, it comes with Dolby Vision HDR for crystal clear sound. The app is intuitive with a neat and clean user interface. There is even a website. Unfortunately, those who want to stream certain content will need a premium account. This app is not 100% free, but you will still enjoy it without the paid subscription. For that reason, it has its place in the Top 7 best apps.

Conclusion – Top 7 Best Apps to Download Free Movies

Nowadays it is not that hard to kill the boredom thanks to the multitude of apps that provide easy entertainment. Sure, money is needed to fund great productions, but sometimes a monthly subscription just won’t cut it. Thanks to these free applications, you can still enjoy a lot of content without spending any money. Since Netflix is ​​about to drop the password sharing feature and some users will no longer be able to share their account, looking for free alternatives may be a good option. If you have other suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments section.