Twitter introduces new icons for web, iOS and Android

While the latest redesign happened quite recently, Twitter is now introducing new icons that will roll out to web, iOS, and Android users.

Twitter has gone through a number of changes over the years, with its latest visual redesign in August 2021. Shortly after launch, the company also introduced new icons, giving the platform a cleaner and more sophisticated look. Today it is once again evolving its style, and the new icons look slightly different from the previous one, but offer a very subtle sophistication. You can see the subtle difference in the image below. The top row shows what the icons looked like before the update, and the bottom row shows what they should look like now.

In its tweet thread, Twitter shared this about the most recent change:

“The goal was to create a cohesive set of icons that are bold in form and style, yet recognizable and a little sassy where possible.”

Now you can interpret this however you like, but for the most part many of the icons seem to have a bolder set of lines and look almost bubbly. While speaking with The edge, Twitter spokesman Shaokyi Amdo stated that the update will be rolled out to the web version of Twitter, along with iOS and Android. While there wasn’t a specific rollout schedule, you should eventually get it as long as you keep things up to date.

While this new update may not seem like the most meaningful, Twitter has been working on other features for its platform that bring real value to users. The most recent is a new way to manage listings, giving users more control over how people interact with them. In addition, after years of asking for it, users finally got their edit button, albeit currently only for those who pay for the platform’s premium service, Twitter Blue.

Have you seen the new icons appear? If so, what’s your take on them?

Source: Twitter design (Twitter)