Twitter introduces theme icon for Android 13 and rebranding “Super Follows” / Digital Information World

With Elon Musk taking over Twitter and putting the spotlight on the application, it seems that the platform is still going strong with its incoming updates. According to a source, the developers will introduce a new theme-based icon for Android 13 and take initiatives for the rebranding of their subscription service. Super follows.

Dylan Roussel, while digging into what Twitter is up to, has found that subscribing to Twitter Blue instantly puts a blue checkmark next to your username.

The application’s new owner has already announced that an updated version of Twitter Blue will be coming back on November 29 after becoming controversial at the time of its initial release for iOS users only.

Furthermore, Dylan discovered that Super Follow is being turned into subscriptions; however, it’s not clear if there will be any changes to the way the service works. Super Follows works by allowing users to subscribe to exclusive content that is not available to general users. However, these discoveries are still in the alpha phase and have a long way to go. Dylan also found data hints to direct messages with end-to-end encryption enabled, which was also reported by another researcher.

Elon Musk has been asking for end-to-end encryption for a long time, and now that he’s taken over the application, it looks like he’ll soon get it done.

And finally, the themed icon feature is also discussed. The advantage of this feature is that the Twitter icon is now fully compatible with the user’s theme, so the app icon doesn’t look any different. This feature is already offered by several applications and Twitter is all set to join the party.

The developers can be expected that with a new owner of this platform, users may see ideas shared by Musk before or after his acquisition. It’s also expected that what Twitter had planned before Musk bought it will still be considered and worked on after Musk’s approval.

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