Twitter is currently offline for some Android users

As of Monday afternoon (Pacific Time), Twitter for Android has an outage that appears to be specific to that customer.

Opening Twitter for Android returns the message “Oops, something went wrong” in the new “Following” tab. The problem seems to be specific to loading and sending tweets, although the Notifications tab seems to be working. You can search for accounts, but not see their tweets. In addition, it is still possible to send direct messages.

“But don’t worry – it’s not your fault” is also accompanied by a toast message when you tap Retry: “Unable to retrieve tweets at the moment. Try again later.”

To update: We are seeing this issue in the US and Europe, but other Android users say they are not affected.

Oddly, this glitch only affects the Android app, including the latest stable (9.73.0) and beta (9.74.0) versions. The web, iOS, and TweetDeck are fully operational this afternoon.

To update…

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