Twitter launches TikTok-like features for iOS and Android users

Since TikTok became popular, rival social networks tried to copy the formula, but none managed to replicate the incredible success of the former. Twitter is a bit behind when it comes to video content, but the company is willing to make up for it.

In a move intended to close the gap between the functionalities of its service and those of the competition, Twitter announced that it is rolling out two new updates that will change the way users experience videos.

First, a new video carousel is available in the Explore tab where Twitter users can find suggested videos based on trends and content they normally like. Currently, the video carousel is available to people in select countries who use Twitter in English on iOS and Android.

More importantly, Twitter users can expand videos to full screen whether they are captured horizontally or vertically. You can switch to full screen mode by simply tapping or clicking a video in the Twitter app.

The feature goes a bit further than just being able to watch a video in full screen. You can scroll up to browse more video content, or you can exit the media viewer and return to the original Tweet by clicking the Back arrow in the top left corner.

It is a useful feature that should have been introduced since video content has become so important for social network users. Twitter’s new media viewer that a TikTok-like experience will be available to anyone using Twitter in English on iOS in the coming days.

Twitter plans to further improve the media experience its service provides, so we expect more updates regarding video content in the coming months, so stay tuned for more information on this.