Twitter removes “Twitter for iPhone” and “Twitter for Android” labels

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Publication date – 4:03 pm, Sun – 18 Dec 22

Hyderabad: Following the acquisition of Elon Musk, Twitter has undergone numerous changes including Twitter Blue, colored badges, mute and block signals. In another such development, the microblogging site has now removed the device tag from tweets.

Twitter will no longer show the device a tweet was posted on, be it an iPhone or an Android device or even Twitter Web. The new boss himself confirmed the news on his Twitter account.

In response to a user’s tweet, Musk had said last month that the company will “finally stop adding what device a tweet was made on,” calling the feature a “waste of screen space and computing power.”

While previous changes to the microblogging platform have been largely criticized, many users appreciate this move. Some even recall how major brands, including Samsung, Huawei, and Google, have been caught red-handed for advertising their products from their iPhones using the “Twitter for iPhone” label.

“I’m not sure why this was necessary. I get that it doesn’t matter where you tweet from, but I feel like it had more pros than cons. Why delete it if it didn’t do anything, you know? (sic)” one user opined. “Now you’ll never know I have an iPhone…” said another user.