UPDF gives you full control over PDFs for 50% off

We all deal with PDF files on a regular basis, but if you find that the tools built into your smartphone are just not enough for what you need to do, UPDF may be your savior, and you can currently score it for over 50 % discount.

What can UPDF do?

Edit and annotate PDFs

We all generally have access to some PDF viewer, but they tend to be on the limited side out of the box. Most can only view PDFs, but one of the many improvements UPDF brings is complete control over PDF editing.

This includes the ability to do anything from editing text in a PDF to moving, cropping, or deleting pages. You can also annotate PDFs, adjust or add images, add stickers and more – UPDF has a great guide to editing a PDF on its website.

The tools here are pretty in-depth too. Text elements can be changed – perhaps to correct a typo or update a detail – or added in full. You can also work with images, resize, rotate, crop, delete or even replace images entirely. You can also extract images from the PDF file, which will give you back a much better quality image than a simple screenshot.

Other features you get with UPDF include adding new pages, reordering pages, cropping pages, and replacing them.

You get the full editing functionality of UPDF on Mac or Windows PCs, but smartphones are also included.

The UPDF app on Android can view PDFs like any other, as well as annotate, organize, and enhance printing and sharing from your smartphone. You can also add sticky notes, highlight text, add drawings, and use stickers and stamps to enhance the design of your document or draw attention to certain elements.

Another way UPDF can be useful is the ability to digitally add your signature to a document instead of printing it. Likewise, UPDF supports filling form blocks in a document, which can help save on printing costs and scanning hassles.

Other features you get with UPDF that a basic PDF app can’t handle include converting the document to other formats, including everything from Microsoft Word to CSV files, and turning a scanned document into a usable PDF -file. There’s also support for OCR text recognition and saving your PDF file with a password to encrypt sensitive information. When it’s time to share, UPDF has built-in email sharing, as well as the ability to easily share the document via a link.

We normally think of PDF files as completely static, but UPDF really opens up the possibilities.

Is UPDF better than Adobe Acrobat?

Of course, Adobe Acrobat has been the leading PDF editor on the market for decades, so how does UPDF compare?

Looking at functionality alone, there are some features that UPDF offers that Adobe Acrobat just doesn’t. That includes the ability to turn your PDF into a slideshow, sticker annotations, and converting PDFs to selected file formats.

Adobe Acrobat Standard DC Adobe Acrobat ProDC UPDF
Read PDF Open, view and read PDF files
Add and manage bookmarks
Search text
View PDF as a slideshow X X
Annotate PDF Mark/Format
Text comments, boxes, sticky notes
Shapes, stamps, signatures
Stickers X X
Edit pdf Add text to PDFs
Edit existing text in PDFs
Add/Extract/Delete/Crop/Rotate images
Add/edit links, watermarks, background, header/footer
Add formatted text with drag and drop X X
Reorganize PDF pages, crop them, etc
OCR Convert scanned documents into searchable/editable PDFs X
Convert PDF Convert PDF to Word, Excel, PPT, .txt, HTML, image formats and more
Save PDF as PDF/A X
Convert PDF to BMP image X X
Convert PDF to GIF image X X
Convert PDF to CSV X X
Encryption and sharing Add a password
Edit information X X
Send PDF via email or link
Create PDF Create blank pdf
Create PDF from capture/scan
Create PDF from other file formats X X
Print / PDF Print PDF files
Complete and sign To fill in forms
Digitally sign X
Sign electronically

But perhaps the biggest advantage of UPDF is its pricing. Where Adobe’s expensive subscription models can cost as much as $240 per year just for cross-device access, UPDF only costs $29.99 per year.

For a limited time, you can save even more on UPDF. Our exclusive discount brings the annual cost down to just $23.99 per year, or $46.99 for a perpetual subscription.

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