We asked, you told us: This is how many Google accounts you have.

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Robert Triggs / Android Authority

Google does not limit the number of accounts you can have on the platform. You can create as many Google Accounts as you want and link them together. You can even jump from one Google account to another effortlessly. So we investigated android authority readers and asked them how many Google accounts they have. Here’s how people voted.

How many Google accounts do you have?


We got just over 2,300 votes in our poll and found that a tiny fraction of our readers don’t have a Google account. Only 1% of voters said they don’t have a single Google account. The rest of the votes were split almost evenly between respondents who said they have one Google Account (25.7%), two Google Accounts (27.7%) and four or more Google Accounts (27.7%). Meanwhile, 17.8% of our readers who took the poll said they have three Google accounts to their name.

What is clear is that a majority of the poll respondents have more than one Google account. The responses to the poll article shed more light on why people prefer to have multiple accounts with Google.

Your reactions

ThatOtherOtherGuy: I only have four, but my three dogs each have their own.

Nick Q: As someone who has tasks in different organizations, I keep a Gmail account for each of them so I can keep order, and if I choose to give up that task, I can just hand over to the next person .

Cat: I use one main account for everything and a secondary account just for emails. Helps me organize my emails better. If I get an email on the secondary Google account, I know it’s an important one.

John Oliver Abella: 1 main + 1 backup + 2 extra (additional storage, email and for multi-game account)

PhaserArray: 11 in my password manager, but there may be a few more with old bad passwords.

Albin: Just one crap Gmail account and no commercial relationship with Google, used for Android, Google services in silos and a few free websites. What Google gets is a stingy grumbler who knocks out everything he can under its privacy controls. I use Firefox and more privacy protecting apps and platforms where “real me” credit card identity is important.