What is Google Pocket Operator?

What is Google Pocket Operator?

Best answer: Google Pocket Operator is an app that can be used as a fun way to mix and modify recorded videos in a more musical way. The app, which works with Pixel 5 and newer devices, uses the approach of Teenage Engineering, the company behind the popular OP-1 synthesizer and instant cameras. The process takes a video file and divides it into categorized segments using AI algorithms, with a specific icon representing each segment.

What kind of things can you do in Google Pocket Operator?

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Google Pocket Operator has a number of useful features to create fun and creative videos that are musical, set to beats, with different effects and more. Be aware that there is a bit of a learning curve, so it’s wise to check out some of the readily available online tutorials (check sites like YouTube).

There’s a short tutorial when you first download and open the app to give you a quick idea of ​​which buttons do what, but you’ll probably need a little more guidance. However, once you get the hang of it, you create like a pro.