Which iPhone model do you have and do you experience CarPlay disconnects?

So I have an iPhone XR and when I’m wired for CarPlay I almost always disconnect, especially after getting 3D maps. I have tried all the online solutions. By chance I discovered the almost certain cause. Not enough RAM from the 3 GB in the XR. If I force close all my apps and restart the iPhone before or while I’m physically connected, it will always reconnect and stay connected for that journey. If I close my apps or just unplug and reconnect the cable, without rebooting, it disconnects again within minutes or seconds.

I bet if my theory is correct it doesn’t matter if you connect via wire or Bluetooth.

I have the option to upgrade to a 13, Pro or Pro Max model at a significant discount after the 14 launch from a friend who works in retail and that’s my plan. However, if I can get away with the 13 (4 GB) vs 13 Pro (6 GB), I probably will. The 14 line is not worth it to me.

I’ve separated comments based on your CarPlay experience and models on RAM. Thank you very much.

EDIT: Argh, I made typos, iPhone SE 2nd Gen is Spring 2020, not 2022. I don’t seem to be able to change the options after the first vote is cast.