Why you shouldn’t buy a new iPhone if you already have one

If you already own an iPhone and plan to buy a new one in a year or two, it’s time to reconsider your decision. There is no need to buy a new iPhone every year as the upgrades are minimal.

At a recent event, iPhone co-creator Tony Fadell said he uses an iPhone 12 himself. He added that all you need to understand is that the invention of computers or cell phones was indeed revolutionary, but all kinds of technologies sooner or later peaked. That’s why he basically said that a “technological peak” has been reached.

Here are a few reasons tech experts and geeks share to explain why there’s no need to upgrade your existing iPhone to a newer model every one or two years. Read the details here and then decide if you need one.

The first thing to think about is: updates, and by updates we mean iOS updates. It’s worth noting here that an iPhone gets updates for years. This means that the company is aware that most iPhone owners will not upgrade to a newer model every year. Hence, the creators continue with the same kind of features for quite some time. The users regularly get bug fixes, security patches and software upgrades. iPhone 8 which came in 2017 and above is made so that they can get the iOS 16 software upgrade.

Another thing you should seriously think about look and feel of the device before buying a newer model, in fact the ones up to iPhone 8 plus. Other than that, the models after iPhone 11 have basically the same form factor. So in appearance, the change in recent iPhone models is basically negligible.

The price factor of newer iPhone models is significantly high. Although appearance is basically the same. Looking at the iPhone 12 Pro, 13 Pro and 14 Pro models, there is basically no difference in appearance. So basically it makes no sense to upgrade an iPhone from 13 to iPhone 14. These phones are basically going to last at least 4-5 years.

Then let’s talk about performance upgrades, there are basically no noticeable or significant performance upgrades in the iPhone 11 and later models. In general, iPhones never freeze or hang like Android phones. so in normal daily use there is no need to upgrade to a newer model. But yes, if you are a professional gamer, an upgrade is necessary.

The battery is another very important factor that makes people want to switch phones, but in the case of iPhones, the battery lasts a whopping three years. in the event that the battery runs out after two years of use, one can easily purchase and replace new batteries for as little as $49 to $99 dollars.

The camera of the iPhones that have been on the market in the past three years have also seen little change in camera features. Except for a marked improvement when shooting in low light. Apart from that, most iPhone models have panoramic shots, slow motion shooting, and time-lapse options.

Therefore, there is no point in burning a hole in the pocket and investing a fortune in buying a new iPhone if you already own one that is only one or two years old.