With iPhone 14 Pro Max mod, iPhone looks like a Galaxy Edge

Every year, people on the internet share weird mods for Apple’s latest flagship iPhones. After a USB-C iPhone X generated a lot of interest earlier this year, a self-professed iPhone hardware engineer just posted a curved-screen iPhone 14 Pro Max, which gives off strong Samsung Galaxy Edge vibes.

In 2014, Samsung started betting on curved smartphones. At the time, the South Korean company also thought it was a good decision to start selling curved TVs. Eight years later, Samsung has not only ditched its Edge phone line, but also forgotten about curved smart TVs. That said, one Twitter user decided to bring back a classic by adding a curved screen to Apple’s latest flagship phone.

In a short video, Twitter user @lipilipsi showed a gold iPhone 14 Pro Max with a curved display, which appears to be fully functional. While the edges of the phone are as Apple intended, the screen has a Samsung-like curvature.

While the South Korean company would use the bezel to make quick action calls, the mod doesn’t add the same functionality to the iPhone 14 Pro Max, as you can only see a small portion of the wallpaper or an open app on the sides.

This isn’t the first mod this Twitter user has made, as he’s also switched an iPhone 13’s lightning port to USB-C and added a rear display using an Apple Watch.

His mod is very original, although some Twitter users on his mentions disliked the creation as it would make the iPhone’s screen more fragile. While Apple still needs to add more features to its new Dynamic Island notch and push for more developers to support it, a curved display wouldn’t improve the user experience either.

Would you love an iPhone 14 Pro Max with a curved screen? I would not.