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WordPress Infographic Plugin. What’s your favorite wordpress infographic plugin? And let them share yours!

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Wpjedi.com wwordpress plugins 101 according to wordpress. a plugin is a program. or a set of one or more functions. written in the php scripting language. that adds a specific set of features or services to the wordpress weblog. When you’ve logged into wordpress. just click on “add new plugin” and search for venngage. To set up page builder as demo site.

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It comes with 12 infographic elements. It allows you to create and share a variety of infographics wordpress elements in the form of graphs. online reports. and interactive maps.

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Build useful lists or infographics share with your website users; With the free visualizer plugin. you can easily make and embed bar graphs. pie charts. line or scatter plots.

Most Popular WordPress Plugins [Infographicsociablweb.comThe pro version has over 65 templates and additional features for you to play with. And let them share yours!