Xiaomi 13 breaks the record for screen brightness of Android phones

Chinese manufacturing giant Xiaomi is doing quite well in the global mobile phone market. The company made a big statement in the flagship mobile phone market with the Xiaomi 12S series. The Xiaomi 13 series continues the same trend and does quite well. In a recent Weibo post, Lei Jun, the founder of Xiaomi, pointed out that the Xiaomi 13’s screen has the highest brightness in the Android camp. He claims that the display effect is very good and users will not lack for anything.


According to reports so far, the peak brightness of the Xiaomi 13 series reached 1900 nits. The overall brightness reached 1200 nits while the screen’s power consumption has been reduced by 22%. This mobile phone comes with the latest E6 screen material from Samsung. Specifically, the E6 material is the 6th generation screen substrate sold by Samsung. For OLED displays, the luminous substrate is a very important key technology. This is because it directly determines the display quality of the screen. Before E6, there were materials like E4 and E5. The larger the number, the newer the material.

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The brightness of the Xiaomi 13 screen is much higher than that of the previous generation

The Samsung E6 substrate screen that this Xiaomi flagship uses has a peak brightness that is 900 nits higher than that of the E5 substrate. In addition, the brightness is 1100+ nits higher than that of the E4. In addition, the Xiaomi 13 has a visual four-sided design. The three bezels are just 1.61mm, the chin is 1.81mm and the screen-to-body ratio is a whopping 93.3%.

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In terms of battery life, Xiaomi 13 has also been significantly improved. The device comes with a large 4500 mAh battery. According to official tests, the Xiaomi 13 DOU has a battery life of 1.37 days, surpassing the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max, which has a DOU battery life of 1.28 days. The Xiaomi 13 has thus become a new generation of battery life monsters.