You definitely haven’t switched to eSIMs yet

Set up eSIM on a Galaxy S22 Ultra

Dhruv Bhutani / Android Authority

One technology that has received more attention in recent weeks is eSIM connectivity. This comes after Apple announced that its US iPhone 14 models would ditch the physical SIM slot entirely in favor of eSIM support only.

The technology isn’t new to Android devices, but we wondered how much android authority readers have actually switched to eSIMs so far. So we asked you this question last week, and here’s how you answered it.

Have you switched to eSIMs yet?


Just over 1800 votes have been counted so far, and it turns out that the vast majority of those polled android authority readers haven’t made the switch yet. More specifically, 76.72% of respondents said they have not yet switched to eSIM.

We can understand this low adoption rate as we hypothesize that many people are just more comfortable with old-fashioned SIM cards right now. A few readers also noted in the comments that they prefer the flexibility of a physical SIM card. It’s also worth noting that eSIM support is largely limited to high-end phones.

Still, 23.28% of surveyed readers say they have indeed made the switch to eSIMs. So there certainly seems to be an interest in this technology. We wonder if some Android brands will blindly follow Apple and ditch a physical SIM slot in favor of eSIM only. If that happens, we could see more people say they’ve made the switch.


  • splus: Imagine if you just had to put in a SIM card instead? Oh, how complicated that would be…
  • Paul: I did when I upgraded my 3a to a 6 Pro last year. The initial setup was a little frustrating, but this year when I upgraded to the 7 Pro I just had to do the setup steps to move the eSIM and it was done quickly and I got on with the rest of the phone setup
  • JahnJB: I’ve had an eSIM for about a year now, it wasn’t a free choice. It was the only way the T-Mobile store associates could get my p6 pro to work. I forgot about it until Apple pretended it was something new. I don’t care if I have to use a SIM card or eSIM as long as my phone works.
  • Walter Kowalski: Yes pixel 6 pro was easy to set up last year
  • Tristan Schmitt: Because my 2020 phone has no esim. If that were the case, I would of course switch
  • Kira: No. That service is also not readily available in my country.
  • bazaroworld: Yes, since Pixel 3xl. But not all eSims are the same. Some only work in one country, some can work in multiple countries, some can’t be activated outside of one country if you have problems like switching phone or reset, and some are for data only, and the best ones work internationally and automatically switch to the best local cell towers
  • deltatux: No, as carriers in Canada still consider eSIM a premium feature. Only the mid-range and higher-end mobile brands have eSIM support. There are currently no discount carriers that support eSIMs and not all regional carriers support it at this time. Moreover, in the near future it will still be essential for international travel to be able to exchange physical SIM cards.
  • Shizuma: No, and I want to stick with a SIM card as long as possible, as far as the consumer goes, SIM cards are much more customer-friendly so you can switch devices quickly and easily, which I know I’ve done so many times.