YouTube Music’s Android 13 media player updated with thumbs up

When YouTube Music was updated to support the new Android 13 media controls, some complained about the loss of the ability to quickly like songs. Google’s streaming service is now bringing that functionality back.

YouTube Music has removed the Repeat button from the Android 13 media player, leaving Shuffle one spot in the process. The bottom right corner is now home to thumbs-up. Before Android 13 support in July, the app had both thumbs up and down.

I liked the ability to quickly repeat the notification, where shuffle in YouTube Music doesn’t make sense if you’re already listening to radio stations/Autoplay. The option to customize which controls you get would be nice, but this may require a system-level approach in the long run.

Android 13 allows up to five actions: play/pause, next, previous, and two custom choices.

This allows the system to show a more comprehensive set of controls that are technically consistent between phones and tablets, as well as align with how media controls are displayed on other Android platforms such as Android Auto and Android TV.

This change is available with version 5.28.51, which has not yet been widely rolled out through the Play Store.

Meanwhile, the YouTube Music Library tab redesign has been pulled over the past week, despite being quite stable. It’s no longer available on Android or iOS, and one of the bigger inconveniences of A/B testing.

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